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Bail Bonds in Mission Viejo, California

A bail bondsman can assist the defendant in a court case to make bail from his jail sentence in Mission Viejo, California. In order for the defendant to receive the assistance from bail bondsmen, the judge must first approve the defendant to receive a bail bond. If the judge rules that the defendant can receive a bail bond, depending on the severity of their crime, then the defendant can contact a bail bondsman who can help cosign a bail bond contract.

In order for a bail bond agents to assist a defendant, the defendant must have a friend or relative who can meet the 10% commission that is necessary to pay the bail bondsman in order for the bail bonding contract to be valid in Mission Viejo, California. This 10% commission is a 10% figure of the total bail amount. Depending on how high the bail amount is, the defendant and his friend or relative could have a difficult time paying out the 10% commission in full.

In the event that the defendant’s friend or relative can’t pay the 10% commission to the bail bond agents, then the friend or relative representing the defendant must have a form of collateral that can equal the total amount of the bail payment. This collateral that would be used to compensate for the bail money would have to be quite large depending on the real bail amount. It is not uncommon that some cosigners for the defendant may have to put up something as large as real estate property in order to compensate for the full bail payment.

If you know anybody in Mission Viejo, California that has recently been incarcerated and they are eligible for a bail bond, you should consider talking to a professional bail bond agent. One of the best bail bonding companies within Southern California that can help you with information and guide you through the process of bail bonding can be found online at www.1stclassbailbonds.com. The caring bail professionals are available 24 hours a day and you can contact them by phone at 1-800-566-5260. You can also go online through 1stclassbailbonds.com and fill out an online inquiry form as well.

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