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We strive to provide the best service in the bail bonds industry.  Our bail bond agents will help you regardless of the alleged crimes of the accused.  We don’t judge you or the person who is in custody.  Our bail agents are respectful, courteous, and empathetic to the situation you have been put in.  We have been providing affordable bail bonds to California's Los Angeles and Orange counties since 2002.

We understand that most people have never been involved in obtaining a bail bond. People often aren't sure what to say when they call. Our compassionate bail bond agents quickly put them at ease by providing information about how the bail bond process works and what the responsibilities of signing for a California bail bond are. Some people want to get their friend or loved one out of jail regardless of what it takes. Others who call want information before deciding what to do about posting bail. Whatever your situation, we are happy to answer your bail bond questions and obtain bail information for you at no charge, with no obligation and no pressure. Our bail agents can help you make an informed decision about what you want to do.

As a Southern California bail bond company, we can explain the obligations and requirements of an Indemnitor/co-signer (the person signing to guarantee the bail bond). We provide copies of all bond documents that are signed and receipts for all money and collateral received.

As a standard part of our Southern California Bail Bond company service, our bondsman will typically come to you for your signature, much like a loan agent does. We respect your privacy. We are very discreet and do not drive vehicles with "Bail Bonds" plastered on them. The only thing that identifies us as bail agents is our Bail Agent Identification Card, issued by the California Department of Insurance. Your 1st Class Bail Bonds agent will carry this ID card in a pocket or briefcase and show it to you upon request.

We are here for you even after the bond is posted and your family member or friend has been released from custody. Our Southern California bail bond agents are available to answer questions about court dates and provide directions to the courts in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We can also help you if you unintentionally missed your court date, or with anything else you might need in regards to bailbonds.

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