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Criminal Bail Bonds in Irvine, California

Criminal bail bonds are a great commodity for people to have if they have been accused of a crime and are looking to get out of jail in Irvine, California. Once an individual has been charge of the crime, if the judge allows it, they can be eligible for a bail bond. There are a number of companies that deal specifically with the processing and approval of bail bonding contracts.

Depending on the severity of the defendant’s criminal activity, a bail bond may not always be issued. Again, it’s a decision that the judge must make. If the criminal is granted a bail bond privilege, then they must get in contact with the bail bonding agent. A bail bonding agent can speak to the defendant and can draw up a bail bonding contract in which the defendant must have a cosigner they’ll be financially responsible for the premium 10% commission. This commission is what the bail bonding agent requires in order for the contract to be approved. The cosigner may also need some form of collateral to cover the amount of bail in the event that bail needs to be paid in full. The only way the bail money would be to be paid in full after the bail bonding contract has been approved is if the defendant fails to show up at his scheduled court date. The cosigner would then be financially responsible to paying the bail money.

It may seem as if criminal bail bonds in Irvine, California may sound like a simple alternative rather than having to pay a full bail amount or serving a full sentence behind bars. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. There’s much paperwork involved and a lot of money can still be at stake. Depending on how expensive the amount is, the 10% premium could be quite steep.

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