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Getting a bail bond for someone who was arrested in Fullerton is a pretty straightforward process when you call 1st Class Bail Bonds. You will most likely speak to the owner, Bonnie Merrick. She has been a California Bail Agent for over 30 years. By dealing direct with the owner, you are dealing directly with the decision maker who can get your loved one or friend out of jail fast.

General information about how bail bonds work  or specific bail bond information as it applies to your friend or loved one’s release will be provided without cost or obligation. It is important to understand the financial obligation involved when you sign as an indemnitor for someone’s bail bond.

With some bail bonds men, you have the chance to be bailed out of jail even if you have been accused of committing the following crimes: petty theft, shoplifting, battery, DUI, drug charges and white-collar crimes. With the assistance of some bail bonds men in Fullerton, California, you can allow a close friend or family member to be placed as an official cosigner for a bail bonding contract. However; please note that depending on the amount of your bail money, the 10% commission that is required by the bail bonds men can be quite expensive. If by chance the cosigner cannot afford the 10% commission which is required by the bail bonds men, there will be necessary for the cosigner to issue a form of collateral in order for the contract to be accepted.

It’s important to remember that whoever you choose as a cosigner in Fullerton, California, must have a level of income to match the amount of the bail, and it is necessary for the cosigner to have a large form of collateral such as real estate property in order for the bail bonds men to approve the bail bonding agreement.

With this bail bonding agreement, the accused is promising that they will appear in court at the time and date decided by the judge. The cosigner must realize that they are fully responsible for making sure that the accused will be present in court at the time and date specified, otherwise their collateral will be at stake.

What is important is that the accused fines a bail bonds men that has several years experience within the bail bonding industry. By having someone in Fullerton, California with a strong reputation, he can help comfort the accused and the cosigner to getting them through this difficult matter. One particular reputable company that has been dealing with bail bonding for over 20 years within Southern California has helped several respectable people within the community with such issues.

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