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Orange County Bail Bond Company

Orange County Bail Bond Company

1stclassbailbonds.com is a Southern California/Orange County bail bond company that can assist you in matters regarding bail bonding. If you’re not familiar of what they’ll bonding is, bail bonding is part of an agreement that can assist you, a family member, or friend who has been incarcerated by the law in for such crimes as: theft, battery, white-collar crimes, drinking and driving, drug charges, shoplifting, petty theft and domestic violence.

Once you or your friend, or family member has been arrested within Orange County and placed in jail they must be booked by bail bonding company. The entire process can take up to one hour depending if you’re in a local jail, or if you’re in a county jail the process can take up to 24 hours.

Once the accused has been booked by the bail bond company, very few options that they can choose for the release; they can either be released on a citation, they may be released for their own promise to appear in court, they can post bail using cash directly within the jail or the accused can be released through the means of a bail bond agreement.

If you have a friend or family member who needs to be bailed out of jail, then your first step is to call 1stclassbailbonds.com and a professional bail bonding agent can guide and assist you through this process. In order to bail someone out of jail, is required that you bring the premium 10% commission of the total bail amount and a qualified cosigner that’ll be financially responsible for the bail bond agreement as well as some form of collateral. Depending on the amount of the bail, the cosigner may need to point real property on the line to be approved for the bail bonding agreement.

For the accused to be released from jail, the transaction can take approximately 20 minutes through 1stclassbailbonds.com. Local jails occasionally release accused prisoners less than one hour. If the accused member is in a county jail it can typically take anywhere from six to eight hours depending on the situation.

Please note that when you pay for the cost of the bail bond, the premium you provide will not be refundable. It is necessary for this fee to be charged by 1stclassbailbonds.com in order to post the full amount of they’ll to the jail or court.

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