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Orange County Bail Bonds – What You Need To Know

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We specialize in providing Orange County Bail Bonds. If someone you care about has been arrested in Orange County, 1st Class Bail Bonds can help. We will need to know which jail your friend or loved one is at. If you are not sure, we can usually figure it out if we know what city they were arrested in. Our bail agent will call the jail to get the bail information, then will call you back. We can make the necessary arrangements for your friend or loved one to get released as soon as possible. Our bail agent will explain how much it will cost to bail your friend or loved one out of jail.

Working with one of our experienced Orange County bail bonds agents can help prevent unnecessary stress and hardship for yourself and the person in jail.  For example, our bail agent can find out if and when your friend or loved one will be transferred if they are not bailed out from a local police department.  It is generally much faster to bail someone out of a local jail in Orange County. It is not a problem to bail someone out of the Orange County Jail. It just takes longer. Some local police departments do not accept bail bonds so all new arrestees are sent to the Orange County Jail (unless they are cited out).

What happens when a person does not get bailed out?

If you don’t bail your friend or loved one out they will be taken before a judge within 48 hours (excluding holidays). This first court date will be their arraignment. If the District Attorney does not file charges, the arrestee will be processed for release. If charges are filed, the judge can keep their bail the same, increase the bail or release the person on their own recognizance (O.R. Release). Some people decide to wait until the arraignment with the hope that they will either get O.R.’d or their bail will get lowered. We have no way to know if charges will get filed. We also do not know if the judge will change the bail amount.

We will happily answer any questions you have about Orange County Bail Bonds and give you answers specific to your particular situation.

Our professionally licensed Orange County Bail Bonds Agents are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our bail agent will meet you at the jail, your home or other convenient place.

We have Orange County Bail Bonds agents available 24 hours a day. We can be reached at  (714) 537-7777.

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